PipelineTrainer is a pipeline simulation system built on market-leading technology and expertise. PipelineTrainer accurately maps the real-world operations of that pipeline down to the smallest details. We are able to do this because we have not only the industry-leading tools for pipeline design and pipeline modeling and management, but we have the expertise to configure and tune a simulation to accurately model the real pipeline network under virtually any operational scenario. Once configured, operators can use PipelineTrainer to run a wide variety of simulations - from normal operating conditions, to leak or theft detection scenarios, compression modelling and optimization, slack line conditions, line pack, pigging operations, routine or emergency shutdowns and much more. PipelineTrainer can be used to help you organization with:

  • Ensuring more consistent compliance to operational procedures
  • Meeting changing regulatory requirements for ongoing training and/or certification with verifiable reports that training has been conducted
  • Training new and existing pipeline operators on both routine and unexpected changes to minimize operational risk
  • Reducing the chance of costly errors and accidents related to operator knowledge and experience

Support of this product is managed by the Energy Solutions Customer Care team, contact details are available via the Customer Care support page.

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