PipelineManager is the industry-leading solution for real-time pipeline monitoring for liquids and gas pipelines. It offers multiple leak detection technologies to find anything from pinhole leaks to ruptures. It also provides an offline tool that documents the actual performance of the leak detection system in term of reliability, sensitivity, and accuracy for all flowing conditions.

PipelineManager provides a detailed picture of current operations, tracking products, fluid composition, ownership, pigs, scrapers, anomalies, and more down the line. The modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) presents data in a user-friendly manner - via tables, graphs, network views, reports, and standard application-specific screens. PipelineManager is the premier solution for:

  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Line Pack Management
  • Leak Detection
  • Batch Tracking
  • Pig/Scraper Tracking
  • Survival Time Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis

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