Operational Management Solutions

If the operational integrity of a commercial liquids or gas pipeline is mission-critical to your business, Energy Solutions is the company you need to help you design, manage and optimize it better. We are the world's leading provider of innovative decision support software, services and expertise that can deliver the solutions you need to enhance operational efficiency, profitability and safety across any size pipeline, storage terminal or distribution system worldwide. Energy Solutions offers solutions across the entire oil and gas pipeline and storage value chain. Our Operational Management Solutions (OMS) deliver a range of capabilities that cover a broad spectrum of energy transportation challenges, including:


  • Leak Detection
  • Theft Detection
  • Predictive/Lookahead/Forward Modeling
  • Pipeline Specific Trainer/Simulator
  • Pipeline and Distribution Network (or LDC) Optimization
  • Pipeline Design
  • Flow Assurance
  • Survival Time Studies
  • Capacity Studies
  • Operations Analysis
  • Scraper Tracking
  • Line Pack/Inventory Management
  • Quality Tracking
  • Gas Pipeline Networking Modeling
  • Batch Tracking
  • Surge Analysis
  • Slack Modeling

As with all of our product offerings, Energy Solutions has been delivering the innovation you need, integrated where you need it most, to maximize the value of your technology, your people and your products across your enterprise. For more information, please contact us to help you solve your toughest energy transportation challenges.



The industry-leading solution for real-time pipeline monitoring for liquids and gas pipelines. A field-proven pipeline simulation platform based on modeling technology that provides pipeline leak detection, leak localization, batch tracking, automated forecasting, facility planning, operator training and support of the commercial business environment. It offers multiple leak detection technologies to detect ruptures, as well as pinhole leaks.


A complete pipeline engineering tool that delivers rapid and accurate offline pipeline management design, planning and hydraulic analysis for natural gas and liquids pipelines though advanced simulation techniques. Engineers and planners are able to use reliable and accurate information to make decisions, leading to improvements in pipeline design, performance, and throughput. Achieve optimum system performance and create emergency plans without interrupting online production.


Accurately map the real-world operations of a pipeline down to the smallest details. Once configured, operators can use PipelineTrainer to run a wide variety of simulations – from normal operating conditions, to leak or theft scenarios, compression modelling and optimization, slack line conditions, line pack, pigging operations, routine or emergency shutdowns and much more. PipelineTrainer is the industry’s most precise real-world pipeline training simulator.


PipelineDashboard is a highly configurable platform offering a suite of application widgets developed to display key aspects of pipeline management and operational data in a format that users will understand. PipelineDashboard is a business intelligence tool for faster, better decisions. Display key pipeline and commercial product data from multiple applications in a single browser window on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


RuptureSentinel uses advanced pattern recognition algorithms coupled with Bayesian inference to monitor pressure and flow sensors under all pipeline flowing conditions to swiftly detect pipeline ruptures.

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