From the wellhead to the market, pipeline companies face many challenges. Among these, pipeline scheduling is a key step in this critical path. The ability to move crude oil or refined products from one point to another as efficiently and economically as possible is the lifeblood of a pipeline company. The fact that pipeline transportation is rate controlled only serves to emphasize liquids scheduling is a key area where pipelines can optimize their operations for increased profit.

PipelineScheduler is a total software solution for pipeline scheduling. It organizes and consolidates all information required to generate short and long term schedules for liquid pipeline movements. PipelineScheduler is a comprehensive, fully featured system designed to manage the commercial and operational data that are necessary to operate a pipeline efficiently. It allows the user to rapidly collect shipping requests and create a working schedule which can be managed through its active period. PipelineScheduler provides a central data repository to standardize information management for accounting and marketing groups, operations, engineering, and management. PipelineScheduler is the premier solution for:

  • Managing nominations
  • Cycling plan break down of transport batches
  • Scheduling transportation using a full suite of capabilities
  • Predicting bottlenecks and constraints across the entire pipeline network
  • Determining tank positions and possible violations
  • Minimizing product transmix and quality degradation
  • Producing reports such as batch and operational schedules

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