PipelineOptimizer is a software solution used for pipeline engineering and planning purposes that helps companies save time, power and money by operating more efficiently and effectively. It employs fundamental fluid flow theories and applies standard engineering equations to simulate the complicated flow phenomena that occur on pipelines transporting crude oil, refined products, and natural gas liquids.

PipelineOptimizer performs accurate pipeline simulations to analyze the effect of various pipeline routes, pump station locations, pump unit selections and configuration, and pipe properties using a succession of steady-state models that accurately describe pipeline physics in non-transient situations. A comprehensive set of pipeline data can be configured for multiple pipelines using the graphical user interface. PipelineOptimizer can be used to:

  • Accurately assess and study realistic operational schedules and perform 'what if' scenarios to address real world operations.
  • Locate and evaluate bottlenecks in your pipeline
  • Perform capacity studies and operating cost and downtime analysis to understand the cost of system changes
  • Reduce pipeline operating costs by lowering both power consumption and the use of Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) by 2-3% or more
  • Econometric reporting to maximize pipeline efficiency
  • Calculate DRA usage, budgeting results and fuel usage

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