Liquids Management Solutions

Our Liquids Management Solutions (LMS) help you manage the commercial operations of your petroleum supply chain more efficiently. The solutions' aim is simple - to help you maximize your profit through the use of advanced software solutions. Our products are used to manage over 240 terminals, schedule over 50 pipelines, invoice for thousands of truck movements every day and run some of the world's largest pipeline, terminal and marine companies. These solutions were purpose-built - developed so that you can operate your petroleum supply chain with confidence; not compromise. 

The LMS team combines years of industry expertise with a suite of best-in-class products in order to provide you with solutions that work. We understand how a pipeline must operate; we know how terminals work; we know how to reduce demurrage. Energy Solutions Liquids Management Solutions deliver a range of capabilities that cover a broad spectrum of energy transportation challenges, including: 


  • Complete Order-to-Cash Management
    • Pipeline Transaction Management 
    • Terminal Transaction Management 
    • Marine Transaction Management 
  • Pipeline Scheduling for batched liquids pipelines
  • Terminal Scheduling 
  • Complex Transportation Network Planning 
  • Marine Scheduling, including vessels and docks 
  • Pipeline optimization for batched liquids pipelines 


As with all of our product offerings, Energy Solutions has been delivering the innovation you need, integrated where you need it most, to maximize the value of your technology, your people and your products across your enterprise. For more information, please contact us to help you solve your toughest energy transportation challenges. 



A liquid logistics and commercial management application used by companies that store or transport liquid hydrocarbons to manage their entire order-to-cash cycle. Using standard APIs and SOA, Synthesis allows enterprises to integrate tightly and extensively with any other applications that are touch points between nominations and invoicing. The only application on the market today to unify these processes for pipeline and terminal companies.


An easy-to-use liquids scheduling system that addresses the challenges of moving vast amount of crude oil and refined products through the world's pipelines. PipelineScheduler provides a central data repository to standardize information management for accounting and marketing groups, operations, engineering, and management. It organizes and consolidates crucial information to support daily commercial and operational decisions. A mission critical solution for your enterprise.


A powerful engineering and operations tool for simulation of liquid pipeline hydraulics and operations. PipelineOptimizer accurately predicts flow rates, pressures, batch arrival time, and total volume pumped for virtually any liquid pipeline. PipelineOptimizer will help you minimize your operating cost by finding the best pumping schedule and DRA usage to meet the demands of your operating schedule.


A full featured software system for planning and scheduling operations within a tank farm or terminal. It organizes and consolidates all of the information needed to perform both long term and short term scheduling.


A comprehensive software system for planning and managing complex transportation networks - for pipelines as well as other modes of bulk transport. TransportPlanner collects and processes crucial transport requirements needed to execute effective annual, monthly, and daily strategic planning.

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