Energy Solutions has developed a communication and business transaction management product which enables shippers and merchant pipeline operators to effectively share information with its suppliers, transporters, clients and other companies involved in the business cycle. TransactionManager is an off-the-shelf software solution for pipeline owners operating in a regulated or merchant market. It integrates all components of a pipeline's or shipper's purchase, sale, and transportation arrangements with third parties on their facilities.

TransactionManager provides a mechanism to capture and submit gas nominations, balance shipper accounts and interface with the month-end billing system for invoice processing. Once installed, web-enabled functionality puts information at the fingertips of both internal and external users. Some of the core features include:

  • Purchase and Sales Contract Management
  • Transportation Contract Management
  • Gas Nominations and Gas Availability Management for clients and producers
  • Scheduling functionality for contractual and regulatory demands
  • Transportation Nominations to transporter
  • Third party access to Contract Management
  • Daily commercial imbalance and gas accounting
  • Gas Quality Management
  • Certify actual measurement data versus scheduled transactions

Support of this product is managed by the Energy Solutions Customer Care team. Contact details are available via the Customer Care support page. For more information about TransactionManager, please contact Energy Solutions Sales Team by using the Contact Us Form.


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TransactionManager (for merchants)                   TransactionManager (for shippers)

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