PipelineTransporter is the industry leading solution that enables gas transportation and distribution companies to effectively manage their gas delivery business processes. Streamlining access to mission-critical information ensures producers, processors, other transporters and end users can handle shipping requests more efficiently and quickly invoice for it upon receipt. PipelineTransporter is an off-the-shelf communication and management program that enables gas pipeline operators to effectively share commercial and operational information with all of their shippers and third parties involved in the business cycle. PipelineTransporter is designed to provide a simplified data set up, allowing for rapid implementation while comprehensive, web-enabled functionality makes information widely available for both internal and external users.

Some of PipelineTransporter's core features include:

  • Transportation Contract Management
  • Gas Nominations of producers, shippers and clients
  • Third party access to Contract Management
  • Allocations based on pre-determined allocation (PDA) rules
  • Daily commercial imbalance and gas accounting
  • Gas quality, inventory, operational balancing and bank management
  • Invoicing and Pre-Invoicing availability directly from application
  • Integration with simulation tools to assist in hydraulic validation of nominations
  • SCADA and gas measurement system integration for collecting measured data
  • Integration with General Ledger or ERP systems, including SAP and MS Dynamics
  • Robust reporting capability
  • Web access to counterparties for nominations and reporting

Support of this product is managed by the Energy Solutions Customer Care team. Contact details are available via the Customer Care support page. For more information about PipelineTransporter, please contact Energy Solutions Sales Team by using the Contact Us Form.

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