GasStream sets the industry standard for integrated gas gathering, processing, transactional and accounting management and support. GasStream organizes your assets and maximizes profitability at no risk. It can be customized for tasks such as forecasting, nominations, check and balances, improved data accuracy and invoicing. Using a guided method that encompasses your entire daily workflow, GasStream offers a well-defined process to help relieve much of the confusion and frustrations your team faces. With our powerful, easy-to-use and secure application, modeling your business processes are streamlined to empower users to focus more on business.

GasStream helps organizations to become more efficient and scalable to deliver operational excellence across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Gathering
  • Plant processing
  • Allocations, settlements and invoicing
  • Prior-period adjustments, when needed
  • Internal controls with built-in security and audit features
  • Data Accuracy

Support of this product is managed by the Energy Solutions Customer Care team. Contact details are available via the Customer Care support page. For more information about GasStream, please contact Energy Solutions Sales Team by using the Contact Us Form.

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