PipelineStudio 4.2 is Now Available!

New in Release 4.2:

Release 4.2 adds a number of new enhancements and improvements to PipelineStudio, along with a number of resolved issues. A summary of the main changes in this release is provided below:


  • Surveys for Gas simulation: Gas simulations can now make use of survey information for accurate elevation profile.
  • Node elevations for Liquid simulation: Elevation choices for liquid models have now been complimented with the option to simplify the profile and add elevation data only at the nodes.
  • ISO curve for compressor: ISO compressor curves can now be displayed for centrifugal compressor types.
  • Compressor bank updates: Compressor banks have been upgraded to include new station and control options.
  • Thermal Model Improvements: The thermal model used in PipelineStudio has received a significant upgrade.
  • Profile enhancements: Pipeline profiles have a number of new options available such as the ability to save templates.
  • Enable and disable scripts: If using user defined logic in the simulation this now may toggled on and off to ensure you are getting the best performance.
  • Network License Manager Update: The network license manager has been updated.

Release 4.2 also includes several other enhancements and resolved issues. For further information about the above items and other enhancements made available in PipelineStudio Release 4.2, please contact Emerson Customer Care at energysolutions.support@emerson.com.

The zipped installation files for Pipelinestudio 4.2 can be downloaded after filling out the Download Request Form, HERE.



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