PipelineStudio 4.3 is Now Available!

PipelineStudio 4.3 is a major product release.

New in Release 4.3:

Release 4.3 adds a number of new enhancements and improvements to PipelineStudio, along with a number of resolved issues. A summary of the main changes in this release is provided below:


  • Added Parallelization to both Gas and Liquid Simulation Control Options: Use Parallelization is an option that instructs the simulator to split up the work amongst all of the logical cores built into the computer. For larger configurations, this option can result in faster simulation times. It should also be noted that use of the option can slow down the simulation because the overhead of managing the cores takes more time than the savings on the actual calculation; hence the default is to NOT use.
  • Added Young’s modulus and Thermal Expansion to the Gas Pipe | General tab: You can now enter the Young’s modulus and thermal expansion coefficient for a Gas pipe. These coefficients are used by the simulator to calculate the pipe wall expansion due to the fluid pressure and temperature. This allows modelling of pipe wall expansion for pipes made of any material. The calculated diameter of the pipe is shown in a pipe output property and is also provided in output reports, and as a pipe profile.
  • New User Defined Logic (UDL) features:: The new UDL features can be found in the PipelineStudio User Defined Logic User Guide under the section titled Enhanced UI and Diagnostics Techniques.
  • Release 4.3 also includes several other enhancements and resolved issues. For further information about the above items and other enhancements made available in PipelineStudio Release 4.3, please contact Emerson Customer Care at energysolutions.support@emerson.com.

    The zipped installation files for Pipelinestudio 4.3 can be downloaded after filling out the Download Request Form, HERE.



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