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PipelineStudio 5.0 is Now Available!

What’s Updated in PipelineStudio 5.0

New Features

New features implemented in PipelineStudio 5.0 are carefully selected to enhance your simulation experience. A brief overview of some of the key features is given below:

Release 5.0 of PipelineStudio has the following improvements:

  • Licensing
  • Slack Line Flow Modelling
  • Vapor Pressure Curve for Tabular Fluids
  • Lookup Fluids
  • FluidStudio Tool
  • Purge commands added on toolbar 
  • Transient Mode swapping can be turned off (Liquid & Gas)
  • Fixed time steps for Gas
  • Energy Flow at Supplies and Deliveries
  • Energy Flow alarming
  • Volume accumulator reset by “Max value”
  • Mode Locking, Free Flow and Check for Compressors and Gas Regulators
  • Historical Profile corresponding to state report times
  • UDL Logging
  • Simulation Alarms added to Simulator Output Reports
  • Backward compatibility
  • Gas Eq is now Friction Factor
  • HTML Reporting Changes
  • Simplified output menus

Release 5.0 also includes several other enhancements and resolved issues. For further information about the above items and other enhancements made available in PipelineStudio Release 5.0, please contact Emerson Customer Care at

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