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PipelineOptimizer 6.3 is Now Available!

New in Release 6.3:

Installation Changes

  • Windows Server 2016 is now supported
  • The PipelineOptimizer engine now runs as a 64-bit process

Pressure Solution Space (PSS) Chart

  • Shows the many possible pressure solutions PipelineOptimizer explored while finding optimal solution
  • Ability to view raw chart data

Variable Rate DRA Optimization

  • New optimization mode optimizes DRA injection rates and pump operations while meeting a variable rate batch plan or at capacity rates
  • Runs in parallel on server

Graphical Configurator

  • Fast and easy way to update existing models or create new models from scratch
  • Add elements through keystrokes or configurator toolbar
  • Undo/Redo capabilities

Pump Modeling Enhancements

  • Electric generators
  • Mixed fuel reciprocating drivers
  • Pump startup/shutdown costs
  • Additional hourly pump costs
  • Additional fuel type

Boundary Condition Export/Import

  • Publish boundary conditions from upstream model
  • Import boundary conditions into downstream model
  • Create boundary pressure or flow rate triggers

For further information about the above items and other enhancements made available in PipelineOptimizer Release 6.3, please contact Emerson Customer Care at



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