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PipelineManager 4.3 is Now Available!

New in Release 4.3:

Release 4.3 adds a number of new enhancements and improvements to PipelineManager, along with a number of resolved issues. A summary of the main changes in this release is provided below.


  • Full support for RuptureSentinel – The industry’s newest solution for protecting lives, assets, and the environment against the very worst cases that a pipeline operator can face. RuptureSentinel allows you to reliably and robustly detect ruptures and large leaks fast. Its unique combination of pattern recognition and statistical analysis gives you fast, reliable detection of ruptures and large leaks, no matter the operating conditions. RuptureSentinel tells you when your pipeline conditions are abnormal, with no uncertainty. RuptureSentinel is a standalone product that also runs fully integrated into the PipelineManager suite of applications. RuptureSentinel is licensed separately. For further information, please contact Emerson Customer Care at
  • Junction pressure model improvements for leak detections systems, including slack model support for pipeline configurations with nearby junction pressures.
  • Standard configuration and documentation improvements.
  • OPC DA Mirror Server: The OPC DA Mirror Server can be useful in many different scenarios to solve communication challenges; The Mirror Server acts as an intermediary between OPC DA Client(s) and an OPC DA Server, or acts as a ‘Virtual Server’ bridge between multiple OPC DA Clients. The Mirror Server also comes with a powerful dynamic calculation engine, allowing you to define your own custom alias tags and transform OPC data in real-time.

Release 4.3 also includes several other enhancements and resolved issues. For a complete list of changes and issues resolved in PipelineManager 4.3, please contact Emerson Customer Care at



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