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PipelineManager 4.2 is Now Available!

PipelineManager® Release 4.0 includes the following features:

Commercial Batch Tracking

  • Comprehensive batch accounting of metered volumes at receipts and deliveries driven by flow meters and volume accumulators.
  • Calculation of over/short and adjusted volumes (manual volume corrections).
  • Scheduled batches and pumping orders at receipts and deliveries can be imported from PipelineScheduler®, providing formal communications of pumping orders from Scheduler to Controller.
  • Metered volume actuals can be exported back to PipelineScheduler®, providing feedback of actuals to Scheduling enabling correction of schedule.

High resolution tracking and forecast of substance slugs

  • Track generic substance concentration in high resolution, giving precise location of slugs as they move through the pipeline.
  • Create and edit slug properties, or merge slugs.
  • Recording and reporting of tracking events, with slug estimated time of arrival (ETA) and future location available on demand.

Hydraulic Analyzer

  • Designed for pipeline Engineers to analyze long periods of data to help make informed decisions about running the pipeline.
  • Determine the most effective way to use DRA in the pipeline and to identify dependencies upon various factors.
  • Calculate the DRA concentration required to achieve specified hydraulic objectives.
  • Provide means to analyze past operations using archived data, for example to analyze changes in hydraulic efficiency caused by maintenance pigging.

VisualPipeline® Security Enhancements

  • Windows authentication.

Network Bandwidth Improvements

  • Bandwidth Improvements for slow/limited bandwidth networks.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

  • Excel / PDF Report Enhancements.

OPC Server Enhancements

  • OPC Data Access (DA) Server.
  • OPC Alarm and Event (A&E) Server.

Support for PipelineStudio® 4.1.1

  • Support for editing PipelineManager configurations in the latest version of PipelineStudio®.



Support of this product is managed by the Energy Solutions Customer Care team. Contact details are available via the Customer Care support page.


Sales and More Information

For more information about this product, or to contact the ESI Sales Team, please use the ESI Contact Form.



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