Flow 2020 – Session Abstract Form

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Abstract submissions are now open for presentations during FLOW 2020. Please take a moment to fill out the abstract form below.

Presentations will be scheduled for 45 minutes in duration including time for questions and answers. When submitting your abstract(s), please note the following:

  • A presentation showcases a case history, a project experience, and/or specific tips or techniques used (or learned) during project implementation.
  • Titles and sessions abstract fields for approved abstracts are published to attendees, therefore, please indicate clearly what value your presentation will bring to this year’s attendees (i.e. “Improvements in the Performance of the System Gain/Loss across Colonial Pipeline”).

Abstract due by July 15th, 2020

Complete PowerPoint Presentation Due by September 03, 2020 to Info.EnergySolutions@Emerson.com

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