FLOW 2019 AGENDA – Operational Management Solutions


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Azalea Pre-Function

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Customer Appreciation Dinner


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Breakfast Buffet

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Welcome to FLOW 2019

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Technology Showcase – Midstream Digital Transformation

9:30 am to 10:00 am

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Break: Coffee Social & Expo

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Breakout Session I
Azalea IV- V, 4th floor

PipelineManager, PipelineStudio

Digital Transformation in Operational Pipelines

Presented by Paul Dickerson, Product Manager & Phanindra Kanakamedala, Product Execution Manager

Digital transformation is affecting how organizations operate. During this session, we will discuss how to manage and analyze data, learn and understand the performance indicators, and handle the convergence between information technology and operational management.

Leak Detection - The Forward View

Presented by Philip Carpenter and Dr. Morgan Henrie, Coauthors of Pipeline Leak Detection Handbook

The world economic infrastructure depends on pipelines to transport various commodities. There are risks, including the potential hazards of leakage. In this presentation, we review data and risk, and make recommendations on leak detection and leak detection program management.

Pipeline Leak Detection

Presented by Phanindra Kanakamedala, Product Execution Manager

During this session, we will discuss and demonstrate simple and complementary leak detection methodologies to RTTM for pipelines requiring a low-cost, flexible and quick deployment solution while limiting the loss of coverage during poor instrumentation fidelity.

11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Azalea Ballroom
Networking Lunch

1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Breakout Session II
Azalea IV- V


Real-time Pipeline Modeling and Leak Detection Experiences in Crude Gathering Systems

User case study by Jody Kennedy with Inter Pipeline (IPL)

Operating gathering lines presents several challenges that are hard to simulate using an online model. In this session, we will discuss a few of these challenges and the various tools used by both controllers and engineers.

Key Performance Indicators for Pipeline Operations

Presented by Dr. Greg Morrow, Lead Developer

Participate to learn industry definitions of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and how we apply these to KPIs specific to RTTM and leak detection performance. We will also demonstrate specific examples with our LDPA tool as well as open up a discussion with the audience on which KPIs are most important to their operations.

Azalea VI


Surge Analysis Using Logical Rules

User Case Study by Augusto Garcia-Hernandez, Pipeline Systems Planning with Enterprise Products

PipelineStudio can help control surge using built-in scripting tools. While using these tools can appear daunting, we will share best practices and examples to help streamline implementation.

Economic Analysis Using User Defined Logic

User case study by Brad Thompson with Holly Energy

Learn how a model can determine the most cost-efficient operating scenario on a pipeline using PipelineStudio’s User Defined Logic feature, an additional model to evaluate surge pressures along a pipeline.

2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Azalea Ballroom
Product Expo & Ice Cream Social

4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Breakout Session III
Azalea IV- V
Implementation of a Predictive Virtual Model on TGI's Gas Network

Presented by Omar Efrén Caro Vargas and Jesús Vargas Torres with Trasportadora de Gas Internacional (TGI)

Operating a complex gas network requires the delivery of the contracted quantities safely and within regulations. We will demonstrate how TGI’s implementation of a virtual model enabled them to forecast scenarios and design immediate and accurate responses.

Gas Management Solutions with PipelineManager Integration

Presented by Martha Rendon, Sr. Product Manager, Gas Management Solutions

In the natural gas business, maximizing current capacity and future loads must also be considered from both commercial and operational positions. Join us as we provide in-depth insight as to how we help our natural gas transmission customers effectively address these challenges.

Azalea VI


How PipelineStudio Helps to Quickly Derive a Cost-effective Solution With an Optimal Crude Pipeline Design

User Case Study by James Yang, Sr., Pipeline Engineer with Wolf Midstream
Development in heavy crude pipelines has been challenging in recent years due to the uncertainty of regulations and the commercial environment. Learn how PipelineStudio facilitates pipeline system design with the required accuracy of today’s regulations..

Modelling Utilizing History Matching and Equivalent Length Techniques

User Case Study by Mary Goodreau, Manager System Planning with Enterprise Products
It is a challenge to simulate specific pipeline behavior accurately and handle the “minor frictional losses.” Learn how an advanced simulation method was used to match real-time suction surge pressure trends for worst-case terminal scenarios.

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Networking Social – 024 Lounge

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Dinner – A Night on the Town


8:00 am to 9:00 am

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Breakfast Buffet

9:00 am to Noon

Advanced Product Exploration and Discussion
Azalea IV- V

PipelineManager Workshop

Workshop and Training

Collaborative Team Session: Dr. Greg Morrow, Lead Developer; Hugh Robinson, Director of Development and Architecture & Phani Kanakamedala, Product Execution Manager

In this session we will be offering training on new and upcoming features of PipelineManager:

  • Scripting using PipelineManager
    • Scripting is user-defined logic that allows custom pre-processing for instrumentation. Learn how to create and apply scripts, witness live hotswapping of scripts, and discover how to use these scripts.
  • User Interface
    • We will demonstrate new updates to the user interface, and provide guidelines and best practices to follow when designing the user interface to custom fit your control room environment.
Azalea VI

PipelineStudio Workshop

Workshop and Training

Collaborative Team Session: Paul Dickerson, Product Manager; Rob Keller, Development Manager; Kenny Wade, Development Manager, Mike McCoin, Sr. Developer; Dr. Mingang Jin, Numerical Software Developer

In this session we will be offering training on new and upcoming features of PipelineStudio:

  • Slack line flow in PipelineStudio
    • PipelineStudio 5.0 introduces support for a full slackline flow model for both steady-state and transient simulation. We will offer training and support for how to model slack and how to interpret the results of a simulation.
  • PipelineStudio 5.0
    • In this session, we will be offering training and support on all the new features of PipelineStudio 5.0. Our subject matter experts will be on hand to answer general questions or provide input on specific simulation topics.

11:30 am - Noon

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