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Energy Solutions International (ESI) Selected by NATO Support Agency for 5600km

Energy Solutions International (ESI) Selected by NATO Support Agency (NSPA) and Central Europe Pipeline System Programme Office (CEPS PO) to Implement Synthesis® and PipelineScheduler® on 5600km Pipeline and Terminal Network

Integrated Synthesis and PipelineScheduler platform selected to meet key commercial, logistical and planning management requirements for European military and civilian use petroleum pipeline network.

 Houston, Texas – October 23, 2013:

Energy Solutions International (ESI) has been selected by NATO Support Agency (NSPA) and Central Europe Pipeline System Programme Office (CEPS PO), to implement an integrated Synthesis® and PipelineScheduler® solution across the CEPS fuel pipeline and terminal network. The integrated Synthesis platform will be implemented to meet CEPS PO requirements for Contract and Client Management, Nominations Management, Product Accounting and Product Quality Management. The CEPS crosses the NATO Host Nations of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands and is 5,599 km long. With 33 terminals, its storage capacity is over 1,250,000 m³. While built for military use and operated with military priority, the system delivers a large proportion of fuel to commercial customers including major North European airports, so CEPS has both civilian and military strategic significance.

This major project will be managed by ESI and will be delivered from its European headquarters in the UK. ESI and its Synthesis solution were selected because of the ability to meet CEPS PO requirements with an integrated, off-the-shelf solution that had already been field proven on similar projects. This assures project delivery while providing a resilient, sustainable solution specifically built for petroleum transportation operators. CEPS PO has embarked on this project to ensure that resilience and sustainability are maintained while enabling improvement of service to customers and increasing efficiency in the operation of the CEPS.

ESI was awarded the project following a rigorous tendering process managed by NSPA Procurement that included a number of other international bidders in the process. With the CEPS project, Synthesis continues to expand its global geographic footprint as the solution of choice for liquid pipeline and terminal operators worldwide.

Working closely together, the NATO Support Agency and the Central Europe Pipeline System Programme Office undertook a comprehensive review of the leading market offerings that could meet their stringent requirements,” stated TengBeng Koid, CEO of Energy Solutions International.So we are delighted with their decision to select ESI and our Synthesis and PipelineScheduler solutions to enhance the sustainable value of their mission-critical pipeline and storage terminal network operations. This is another strong endorsement of our company, our people and our products, and we are now eager to start working with CEPS PO to implement the solution and to deliver the highest levels of resilience, performance, integration and sustainability the project requires.”

About Central Europe Pipeline System Programme Office (CEPS PO)

The CEPS Programme Office coordinates and designs the planning of cross-border transportation, the use of the storage capacities, and manages product quality control. It is responsible for operational, technical and financial control, as well as the coordination of business development. Operations run on a 24/7 basis, with the CEPS Programme Office serving as the intermediary between National Organisations, NATO authorities, suppliers and clients.

About Energy Solutions International (ESI)

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